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We Build or Buy Revenue Generating Websites

  • We have built or bought over 200 revenue generating authority websites
  • Our sites are seen close to 100,000,000 times each year
  • Authority websites generate revenue, leads and brand awareness
  • Authority websites are willable/sellable assets
  • Our portfolio of sites are GROWING 100,000 annual views each day!
  • From fully “Hands On” to completely “Hands Off”

Hands On

  • Generate Personal / Company & P.E. Firm Revenue
  • We build an authority website
  • Increase Your Brand
  • Increase Your Expertise
  • Generate Leads
  • Site performance Guarantee


  • Generate Personal / Company & P.E. Firm Revenue
  • We build an authority website
  • Increase Your Brand
  • Increase Your Expertise
  • Generate Leads
  • You work with others in your industry
  • Site performance Guarantee

Hands Off

  • You write a check…
  • We find, buy, manage, market, and further monetize a revenue generating website.
  • Generate Personal / Company & P.E. Firm Revenue
  • Scalable – Unlimited Revenue Potential
  • Site performance Guarantee


At Today’s Growth Consultant, Revenue Is a Reality

T.G.C Websites Generate Revenue 30 different ways, three of which do NOT come from the traffic of the site. (Hint, that means a T.G.C. website can generate revenue even if traffic stops )

So, Exactly, How Does This Work?

We offer three unique ways for you to create or buy assets that generate revenue online.  In each case we partner up on a Revenue Generating Website. Our first model has us building an Authority Website with you and for you. We’ll help you package your area of passion or expertise.  Authority Websites take roughly a year to strategize, plan, build, market and monetize.  Our only requirement is that 100% of the content that goes into the website comes from you.  Authority Sites require a decent time commitment on your part but the rewards are tremendous.  Nearly 30% of the largest websites ever sold were Authority based websites.  As of June, 2013, our Authority Sites can now generate revenue three different ways that have nothing to do with the traffic from the website.  It provides a platform for a secure and stable income. Our second model is a bit different.  We still partner up on an Authoritative Site, but in this case, instead of asking you to write 100% of the content, we ask that you help us manage other writers and content creators.  This model allows you more flexibility, while still keeping the financial rewards of our traditional Authority Websites. Our third model is for those that don’t want to write content or create a website from scratch but still want to take advantage of our expertise in building, marketing and growing large websites.  For our third offering we started a new division: Income Store.  At Income Store we work with individuals, business owners and private equity managers by partnering up on websites that are already generating revenue.  For this third model we spent over a year building relationships throughout the world with people interested in selling their website.  Our staff finds, inspects, escrows, re-inspects, buys, repairs, manages, markets, grows and further monetizes an existing revenue generating website.  In this third model our partners simply fund the deal and we take care of the rest, splitting all revenues 50/50, as per our two other models.  The Income Store model is the ultimate model for anyone who would like to slowly or quickly scale additional revenue streams into their household or company. For detailed information as to how each model works, as well as websites that are currently available in what we call our “Quick Turnaround Packs, please contact us.
Our Mission is to help our Site Partners create or purchase a Revenue Generating Website as an asset to sell or pass down to another generation.
Our philosophy is to build websites properly.  That takes time.  We believe that slow and steady wins the race.
Content is King.
The promotion of content is King Kong.
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Three Ways We Can Help Generate Revenue

Hands On/Co-manage

One of the Fastest Growing U.S. Companies, T.G.C. Builds Authority Websites for Individuals and Companies

Hands Off

Part of one of the Fastest Growing U.S. Companies, Income Store Buys Revenue Generating Websites for Individuals, Companies and P.E. Firms


Founder Ken Courtright provides valuable information and insight as to how T.G.C. and Income Store avoid the pitfalls of the internet

Where can you find Today’s Growth Consultant? In Magazines, the News, in Books, Online, on Stage and on the Radio!

Meet Our Team

Ken Courtright
Ken CourtrightC.E.O.
Ken began growth consulting in 1992.
Mike Engstrom
Mike EngstromPrtnr Acquisitions
Mike Engstrom has been growth consulting since 1994.
Kerri Courtright
Kerri CourtrightBrand Ambassador
Promoting the TGC brand since 1992. 
Todd Krause
Todd KrauseC.I.O.
Todd develops all website architecture.
Allen Wilterdink
Allen WilterdinkC.O.O.
Allen is known internally as “Supreme Commander”.
John Georgilis
John GeorgilisCreative Director
John has been designing since the cows were just calves.
Dan Giordano
Dan GiordanoAffiliate Manager
Dan heads the Affiliate Marketing Division.
Billy Courtright
Billy CourtrightC.G.S.
Bill leads a team of “Growth Specialists” that monetize T.G.C. websites.

Ken Courtright Reviews Today’s Growth Consultant’s Revenue Generating Websites


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