We all need help with Time Management.  Time waits for no one.

We can all learn from books like “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and “Today Matters” by Dr. John Maxwell.  These may be the 2 greatest books I’ve ever read on the subject.

I recently came across an article in inc.com that asked 15 “highly productive” c.e.o.’s to define EXACTLY how they go about their day.  They provided great input on how they get so much done on the same precious 24 hours that we all have.  Each of their techniques were COMPLETELY different in how they went about setting up their day.

I peeled out what I thought were the 3 segments that our upper management needed to read.
It was brought to my attention that if I thought it was important enough for our management staff to read each of the 3 following articles, I may want to make this a permanent post to our site.

My guess is that after reading each of the following executives feedback you will make some immediate changes, I know I did.

Get out your pencils…

The Iron Man: Jordan Zimmerman of Zimmerman Advertising


The E-Mail Zealot: Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks


The Gracious Host: Danny Meyer of Union Square Hospitality Group


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