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2008-11-11 20:59:36 -0600

5 Reasons to Let T.G.C. lead your Growth.


The most important reason to consider T.G.C. is because Growth can begin immediately.

T.G.C. looks at dozens of Growth Points in your company, from Search Engine Optimization, Employee Strengths, Management Structure, Current Advertising, Current “Buzz” about your company, The Genetic Code of the company, and much more. We overlay your Growth Points on top of a working model of companies in your industry and provide feedback of 3 – 10 growth areas in the first 10 days.


The second reason for letting us lead is the depth of our staff.

We come to the table with the expertise in the following as our foundation for your growth:

Strategic Thinking
S-Curve Analysis
Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Consulting
Search Engine Optimization
Mergers and Acquisition
Advertising, Programming
Expense Reduction
Corporate Identity
Site Management
Strategic Planning for IT
Network Design and Implementation
Disaster Recovery and Security Planning.

Reason 3.

The 3rd reason to consider T.G.C. takes a few minutes to explain, but it’s really the centerpiece of our existence.

This would be the fact that you can’t see your own swing, and you would never edit your own book.

One of the greatest business lessons for Growth comes from Tiger Woods, some say the best golfer of all time.

Tiger was asked why he still has a coach, when he is far and away the best golfer of the decade. He explained that he can’t see his own swing.

Tiger has used 2 coaches. In each case, he asked his coach to video tape over 1000 of his shots and study the best 100 shots. After watching the 100 perfectly hit shots, countless times, the coach then had a “Working Model”, or a “Perfect Swing” in his mind.

The coach now had a “Model” for a perfect swing, or in a business sense, a “Model” for consistent Growth.

From that point forward, whenever Tiger began to slip in any area of his swing, the coach would step in immediately and tell him that he is starting to come off his “Perfect Model Swing”, like raising his head, or lifting his left foot too early.

Any of these changes, of course, drastically affect the outcome of the shot.

The same goes for a business. The ownership and management of a company knows their business, or “Their Swing”. But like Tiger, knowing your swing, and seeing your swing, are 2 completely different animals. Knowing your Business Growth Model, and “SEEING” your Business Growth Model, are again, very different.

When it comes to a Growth Consultant, one of the main reasons to bring them in is because they can not only study your business Growth Model, but they can bring in vision and wisdom from many other companies, and VERY QUICKLY fine-tune, adjust and alter the current Growth Model to one that may Grow the company faster and more efficiently.

Another way to look at the “swing” reason for bringing on a Growth Consultant, is to look at your business as a book.

The author of a book typically outsources the editing.

The reason is simple.

The author wrote the book. They have a slanted, or biased view, of the book. In essence, they see the book from the inside. An editor looks at the book objectively, and can immediately spot grammatical errors, spelling errors, and even errors in content, context and general writing judgment. An author simply can not spot these, because they are “inside” the content.

It is exactly the same in a business. Ownership and management are “Inside” the business. It is impossible to have an objective vision on Growth from the inside. Until you step outside, look at history of the industry, competition, trends, techniques, organizational structure, industry s-curves, etc., there is no way to objectively “Edit” your own Growth.

To summarize the third reason to let us lead your companies Growth is to let us study your current “Growth Swing” and provide you some honest, hard-nose feedback of how we can edit your swing. You will find that sometimes the slightest adjustments, changes and additions, lets you drive the ball twice as far.


Growth, for Growth’s sake can be dangerous.

In my first business, in my 6th year in business, I was told by a very large consulting company that I nearly grew myself into bankruptcy.

When it comes to growing your company, there are 3 phases of Growth.

These are to avoid the NEGATIVE business adage:

“Ready, Fire, Aim”

1. Setting a proper foundation to support the Growth
2. The actual Growth Model
3. Ensuring Growth Continues, growing on “Auto Pilot”

At T.G.C., we take great pride in continue the old saying… “Success without Successors, is NOT Success”

We want you to Grow Today, and set Growth Strategies in motion to Grow tomorrow as well.


The 5th reason to take on T.G.C. is in part similar to the first reason. We can help your company grow almost immediately, and we can do it in a way in which every person or company reading this can afford our service.

We have yet to meet a company that could not afford T.G.C..

The bulk of how we get paid is a small percentage of your companies growth.

If you don’t grow, we don’t eat.

We are a growing company, just like yours. We practice what we preach.

As you will see, one of our foundational principles of Growth is to eliminate objections and conditions that inhibit Growth.

In a very unique sense, we try not to let fees stand in our way of helping a company Grow.

Give us a call and let Today’s Growth Consultant lead your Growth.