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2008-11-11 19:35:16 -0600

Ever thought to call a business consultant?

Today’s Growth Consultant was founded by 15 year business owner and consultant, Ken Courtright.

Here’s a few quick examples of companies and organizations Ken has impacted.

“Ken has done things in our office that nobody thought was possible. We had a sales office in Oakbrook that had great potential but was dead last in sales and accounts. Out of 33 offices nation-wide, Oakbrook was in 33rd place. Ken came in, evaluated the talent, moved some reps around, and implemented a 4 point strategic sales system. No exaggeration, 90 days later, Oakbrook was the […]

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Business Growth Services, Grow Fast, Grow Now

Business Growth Services is the name of a new department inside Today’s Growth Consultant.  This division assigns weight to different departments inside a company.

I thought I’d share with you how we strategize a new client for growth.

If you have found yourself waking up lately saying,  “how can we increase business” and going to bed lately thinking, “how can we cut expenses”, then this post is for you.

As of January, 2010, our Business Growth Services division tracks the following indices.

1.    Proven “Working” Model
2.    Written Business Plan
3.    Web Presence Plan to support Written Business Plan
4.    S.E.O. and S.E.M. of and for the […]

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Growing a business in Today’s Economy

This post is actually a stripped-down version of the preface of my first book,

Today’s Growth: Bridging Yesterdays strategies with Today’s Technology

The goal of the book is twofold.

1.  Growth PRINCIPLES need to stay, STRATEGIES need to change
2.  Business Models evolve

Let’s start with number one.  Growth Principles need to stay, Strategies need to change.

Let’s look at the oldest  Growth Principle:  TELL MORE – SELL MORE

Talk to any business owner, entrepreneur or manager and they will confirm the obvious principle of Tell More – Sell More.  This principle has been taught many different ways but suffice it to say that if you expose […]

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How to Increase Sales

How would you like to increase sales and improve your sales force IMMEDIATELY.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “that’s a great business model”?

How about, “that’s a great sales model”?

All businesses work inside a business model.  At the same time, ALL sales organizations work inside a sales model as well, yet few managers and business owners use or understand the premise of a sales “model”.

At the time of writing this our country is going through a major real estate correction.  For close to 30 years almost any form of investing in real estate yielded a nice return.  Investing in real estate  […]

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Social Media with great tips on how to put Twitter and Facebook to work for you.

This is a follow up to our last piece on Social Media.  Our first piece titled  “Social Media Growth”  displayed the EXPLOSIVE growth of Social Media.

In this post I’m going to offer up a few pieces we’ve been studying this past week.

This first piece gives us a glimpse of how someone is putting Social Media to use.  The key to this piece, unlike many Social Media strategies we see in use, is that this strategy is actually profitable.  Kudos to Ashton and his vision.  As the article says, if Pepsi and Kelloggs think Ashton’s on to something, there may be […]

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