Alexa rankings are always changing

Alexa rankings are always changing.  Since many companies we speak with ask us if we can help them get their site to have an Alexa ranking below 100,000, i’d like to clear the air a bit of what an Alexa ranking is and is not.

What it is not.
It is not what Google uses to determine which sites show above or below other sites in it’s organic space.

What it is.
It is an indicator of how much traffic is coming to your site from computers that have installed the Alexa toolbar.  In addition, it also values how old your site is, how […]

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Why you must Master “LinkedIn”

One of the best ways to grow a business is networking.  Networking, by definition, is making use of the connections of another.  I have a leading question that I ask when speaking to groups of “Business Growers”.

It goes like this….

“When you walk into a room full of business owners, decision makers, industry peers, etc., what is your goal?”

Inevitably I get answers like…

“Make a Sale”
“Make a Contact”
“Make Connections”

All of these are good goals.  I’d like to, however, plant a different seed.  I’d like to start a paradigm shift in your thinking.
From now on, when you enter any type of network meeting, […]

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Do people really make ongoing income from a website?

Do people Really build a cool website and quit their jobs?
Is it possible to make more money in an hour than most people make in a week?
Do many teenagers Really out-earn their parents?

Read this following blogpost from doshdosh and find out.

Growth Consulting for Today

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Social Media Growth Strategies

Should you use Social Media to promote your business?

You be the judge.  Grab your seat belt and watch this famous
short youtube video.

Growth Consulting for Today

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2 Strategies for growth via Real Case Studies

In this economy we often hear something like the following:

“Don’t hold back, Hit me hard, what EXACTLY should we do to plug up the holes and grow?”

When clients give us the floor like that, we speak very candidly by replying….

“If you want to see major changes in your top line, YOU HAVE TO MAKE MAJOR CHANGES”

So many companies and sales reps want to make “ADJUSTMENTS” when times get tough.  When recessions hit, when competition moves in next door, when you ABSOLUTELY have to sell something soon, you don’t make adjustments, YOU MAKE CHANGES.  Change is usually very simple to see, […]

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