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Secure Search, Why should you care?

Google Secure Search
For those that rely on Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to determine where traffic is coming from and what keywords are driving traffic and/or conversions to your site, the days of easy access to clear information are over.

As of this week, Google has officially moved to a completely secure search.  For years, Google has decreased the number of searches available to view what keywords are driving traffic to your site.  Yes, you can still try to calculate percentages and top keywords for your site (techniques here) but the easy list of the many phrases and keywords driving traffic […]

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Social Media, Content, & Curation Sites Worth Trying

Popular Social Media Tools
The most popular social media tools out there are great for status updates, information sharing and communication, but they aren”t great for curating information.   What is information curation?



gerund or present participle: curating

select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).
“both exhibitions are curated by the museum”s director”

select acts to perform at (a music festival).
“in past years the festival has been curated by the likes of David Bowie”

select, organize, and present (suitable content, typically for online or computational use).
“nearly every major news organization is using Twitter’s new lists feature to curate tweets about the earthquake”

Hashtags […]

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Increasing Google Plus Authorship Ranking

Google Summer Update 2013
Matt Cutts has recently released a video describing the upcoming summer update of Google’s search algorithm.  One of the updates discussed is an increase in the importance of authority sites.  One of the presumable factors in “authority” is the source of the site’s content, i.e.  Google Authorship.

Not sure what Authorship is and/or how to claim it?  Here is an article written in October (when we anticipated the importance Google was looking to place on it) about claiming authorship of your blog in Google Plus.
Increase Google Plus Authorship Authority
How do you increase the “authority” of your blog AND […]

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Claiming Authorship of Your Blog on Google Plus

The SEO and Internet Marketing blogs have been abuzz for months (if not years) with speculation and conjecture about how Google will be using Google Plus, Google Profiles, and Google Search in a mutually beneficial fashion.  While no actual conclusion has been reached (and speculation continues to mount with regard to when Google will take action), the general consensus is that website authorship will tie closely to both Google Plus, and, ultimately to Google Search.  In effect, we believe that authorship will impact site search rankings, if it doesn’t already.

As such, if you author content publicly (not anonymously) on any websites, you […]

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Exact Match Domain Google Update

Google has done it again.  The September 28 update to Google’s Algorithm has apparently (according to Matt Cutts)  impacted .6% of US search queries but the implications are far reaching.
What are Exact Match Domains?
Exact Match Domains are domains that have an exact match to the keyword or keyword phrase for which you are trying to rank.   Example: if you have a site about chocolate and your url contains the word chocolate, that is “exact match”.

In a September 28th update to the Google Algorithm, a modification was made as to how the algorithm considered exact match domains.  The fall out […]

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