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Tips for Using Reddit

What is Reddit and Who uses Reddit?
Last month reddit had 43,318,026 visitors and the best part…it is absolutely free. It is a great way to share information, ask questions, and learn more about topics relevant to your interests and website.
Tips to increase the benefit of Reddit.
1) Add interesting content. The best way to use Reddit for the purposes of promoting your website is to share a link to your site.  When you post a link, remember that reputation means everything on reddit, so keep it relevant and not overly self promotional.  Don’t post a link to every article, just pick the […]

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Writing Quality Content

You’ve already heard about the benefits of restructuring existing content on your site to have appropriate titles and header tags to better indicate your topic and subject matter to Google.  This can help to bring good content to the attention of those who are searching for relevant content.  Still, at the end of the day, it is important to know that great content can differentiate a mediocre site from a high quality site.

What does quality content mean for SEO?
1.  Quality content brings more links to the site.  People are more likely to link to content that adds value and provides […]

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Writing and Rewriting SEO Friendly Content

Title Tag Rewrites
As website Search Engine Optimization becomes more and more about quality content, it is important to make sure that your site’s content has the characteristics needed for search engines to “see it” in the best possible light.  While snappy titles may read well, they do not search well – making it challenging for the search engines to know what your content is about.  Here are some examples and tips for going through your past posts to make sure that they are search engine friendly, without being too keyword dense.  These small rewrites can make a large difference in […]

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Adjusting To The New SEO

The Old SEO – What Worked
In the old days (and by old, I mean 13 months ago) of Search Engine Optimization, highly dense keyword articles on specific search terms combined with as many links coming into your site as possible plus lots of frequently updated content, equalled a high ranking in google’s search.
Google Decides To “Fix” The Algorithm
The SEO firms were so successful at manipulating SERPs (search engine results pages) that Google decided to “fix” their algorithm (which determines SERPs)  it so that these key components were no longer weighed quite as heavily (or at all).  Having a large number […]

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Using Twitter in your WP Post

A great way to add new content to your website that is relevant, timely, socially compelling, and quick to create  is to embed a tweet from a recent Twitter post.  Here’s how.

1.) Write an introductory paragraph to the tweet.

2) Embed the tweet in your post (see details below)

3) Add relevant content that is both original and editorializes the tweet.

4.) Add the original Twitter handle to the Twitter autopost (if you have one, it would be located under the post body in a box called WP to Twitter or something similar).  If you do not have a Twitter autopost plug in […]

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