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Retweeting as a method for building your twitter audience.

Rachel Foster on B2C posts a great article about the seven keys to a successful retweet. The main point holds that the purpose of retweeting is to build your audience with a secondary purpose being served to interact with the relevant community. Foster’s post outlines both an introduction to retweets and the best (advanced) structure for a retweet here.

In addition to structure, the best retweets will be when cross pollinating across industries/topics.

Be multidisciplinary. If your followers/audience is predominately drawn from one particular industry, for example,
a) expand your audience to those outside of the industry (otherwise, your work will generally […]

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Why Tweet?

The primary goal of Twitter (as it relates to most brands, websites, and products) is to increase reach.

Reach of your twitter account

Reach of your blog/website

Product reach

Tool/Asset/Infographic/Chart reach

Secondary goals
1.  Build community
2.  Increase authority
Remembering that reach is the ultimate goal will help as you tweet each and every time.

As such, these five tools will help to meet that goal.

Hashtags (#). Hashtags indicate a topic. When someone is searching for a topic on twitter, they often use a hashtag to find it. “#twitter” means that the tweet is about “twitter”. . .The word “twitter” without a hashtag may mean that the post is […]

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To Twitter or Not

I’m often asked if I think people should waste time with Twitter?

I usually have a quick response.

“If you are not sure if Twitter is for you, I recommend that you read the cover article of Time magazine for the week of June 6th, 2009.  The cover title is “How Twitter will Change the Way We Live”.

I challenge people to take the 15 minutes to read the article, I believe you’ll soon be tweeting away.

You can find the article here,8599,1902604,00.html


“Growth Consulting for Today”

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5 Reasons to let T.G.C. be your Growth Consultant

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2008-11-11 20:59:36 -0600

5 Reasons to Let T.G.C. lead your Growth.


The most important reason to consider T.G.C. is because Growth can begin immediately.

T.G.C. looks at dozens of Growth Points in your company, from Search Engine Optimization, Employee Strengths, Management Structure, Current Advertising, Current “Buzz” about your company, The Genetic Code of the company, and much more. We overlay your Growth Points on top of a working model of companies in your industry and provide feedback of 3 – 10 growth areas in the first 10 days.


The second reason for letting us lead is the depth of our […]

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3 Great Time Management Tips

We all need help with Time Management.  Time waits for no one.

We can all learn from books like “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and “Today Matters” by Dr. John Maxwell.  These may be the 2 greatest books I’ve ever read on the subject.

I recently came across an article in that asked 15 “highly productive” c.e.o.’s to define EXACTLY how they go about their day.  They provided great input on how they get so much done on the same precious 24 hours that we all have.  Each of their techniques were COMPLETELY different in how they went about […]

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