AuthorshipGoogle Summer Update 2013

Matt Cutts has recently released a video describing the upcoming summer update of Google’s search algorithm.  One of the updates discussed is an increase in the importance of authority sites.  One of the presumable factors in “authority” is the source of the site’s content, i.e.  Google Authorship.

Not sure what Authorship is and/or how to claim it?  Here is an article written in October (when we anticipated the importance Google was looking to place on it) about claiming authorship of your blog in Google Plus.

Increase Google Plus Authorship Authority

Google Plus Authorship RankHow do you increase the “authority” of your blog AND your Google plus profile/authorship?

Here are a few tips.

1.  Associate your Google Authorship with a Twitter handle/account.  Each Today’s Growth Consultant site has a Twitter handle.  Select that handle and claim a connection.  You can add this information to the profile section of your Google Plus profile as well as the author/user ID of your WordPress site if you have one.

2.  Build your Google circle.  Increase the number of people you are connected to.

3.  Connect to your site’s Google page.  Don’t know the page name and url?  Email us at TGC to find out!

4.  Claim all of your authority content from around the web.  Don’t miss any (unless it’s bad content and/or on a less than stellar site)!  If you have an email address that ends with the site url (, you can verify your authorship that way.  Other ways to verify authorship include adding a piece of code to your site header.  You can check to make sure that you are identified as an author by typing your website name into the Rich Snippet Tool.

5.  Interact. Interact with people via their Google Plus account, your own account, their blog, your blog, their comments, your content and more.  Remember to share via Linked In, Pinterest and Twitter, your site’s Facebook page, a Tumblr (if you have one), or any relevant industry medium – this varies extensively based on the industry, so look for forums and locations where your industry thrives and become an important and/or well known representative in that format.

6.  Find other well known authors and industry experts to guest post on your site.  Ask them to contribute to your site AND create an author ID for their entry.  Remind them to claim that content – it will potentially increase their authorship ranking (one such a “real” thing exists”) and add credibility for all.

7. Guest post on other sites that are well known in your industry.  Connect that new post to your profile by claiming authorship.

Not sure where to start with increasing your Google Plus Authorship Ranking?  Email the TGC Team to find out what you can be doing to increase your Authorship “rank” and what we’re doing to move things along on your authority site.

Interested in learning more from the experts?  Start here.