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Social Media Growth Strategies

Should you use Social Media to promote your business?

You be the judge.  Grab your seat belt and watch this famous
short youtube video.

Growth Consulting for Today

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2 Strategies for growth via Real Case Studies

In this economy we often hear something like the following:

“Don’t hold back, Hit me hard, what EXACTLY should we do to plug up the holes and grow?”

When clients give us the floor like that, we speak very candidly by replying….

“If you want to see major changes in your top line, YOU HAVE TO MAKE MAJOR CHANGES”

So many companies and sales reps want to make “ADJUSTMENTS” when times get tough.  When recessions hit, when competition moves in next door, when you ABSOLUTELY have to sell something soon, you don’t make adjustments, YOU MAKE CHANGES.  Change is usually very simple to see, […]

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Growth Consulting 101

When we are brought on for growth consulting, there is one strategy that we explore in almost every case.  It involves the use of
Affinity Partnerships.  The most well known Affinity Partnership is that of IBM and Intel.  In almost every job IBM procures, they use Intel’s chips, and in almost every job that Intel takes on, they ask to see if IBM can have first right of refusal to do the hardware.

In this partnership no money changes hands, per se, but it is definitely a partnership.

Affinity Partnerships are more like business friendships.

When speaking to Chambers of Commerce I like to […]

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Growth Consulting Quick Tips

Here’s a few “NOT-OPTIONAL” quick tips that all our Growth Consultants deliver to all our clients.

1. Understand how Google ranks.  Quoting Aaron Wall, “A Google Ranking can make or break a business”.  Aaron Wall’s publication on
“the importance of a Google ranking” was picked up by almost every major news publication.  Aaron is the founder of  Currently Google is weighing it’s page ranking by about 10% s.e.o., 45% unique content, 45% quality linkbacks.  If you are not familiar with the terms in this first section, we recommend studying them as soon as possible.  We will be posting a series on […]

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Entrepreneur Consulting (growth consulting)

Entrepreneur Consulting really is Growth Consulting in it’s purest form.  The only difference is “how” I can speak to a person.  As we know when selling a product or a service, it is “how” something is stated that sells, not “what” is stated.

I’m going to go at this topic as if i’m sitting across from an entrepreneur.  I’m speaking to someone who is a visionary, someone that is continually thinking ahead and thinking for other people.  I’m going to roll out a series of ideas that to the average “manager” should seem a little heavy, or even harsh.

A pure entrepreneur […]

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