Why Twitter?The primary goal of Twitter (as it relates to most brands, websites, and products) is to increase reach.

  1. Reach of your twitter account

  2. Reach of your blog/website

  3. Product reach

  4. Tool/Asset/Infographic/Chart reach

Secondary goals

1.  Build community

2.  Increase authority

Remembering that reach is the ultimate goal will help as you tweet each and every time.

As such, these five tools will help to meet that goal.

  1. Hashtags (#). Hashtags indicate a topic. When someone is searching for a topic on twitter, they often use a hashtag to find it. “#twitter” means that the tweet is about “twitter”. . .The word “twitter” without a hashtag may mean that the post is completely unrelated (example: This darn twitter account stinks for meeting men vs.”Great advice about #twitter tricks . . .”
  2. Using someone’s twitter handle brings the tweet to their attention. “Saw @BarackObama at the White House today” vs. “Saw Barack Obama at the White House today”. Use the @ to communicate with others. It will show up in their feed, and in the feed of others, depending on the dashboard they are viewing.
  3. “RT” or Retweets are used to convey twittersphere information that you think should be seen by others. If you read a good post or tweet, retweeting it will spread the word, and will ingratiate you with the person/account you just retweeted. More information and tips about Retweeting here.
  4. Follow Friday (FF) is a trend that seems to have gone past but it is still a way to recognize others that you want your fans/followers to see. FF these politically active campaigns @BarackObama @MittRomney etc.
  5. Lists are used to communicate both “who is who” on twitter as well as “who is knowledgable about what”. Create a list of the “top fitness twitter handles” and those on the list will see their names (and be grateful for the recognition), plus anyone who searches for “fitness” will see that you are an expert on the topic.